How Level 4 and 5 Qualifications fit into CPD and Workplace Training

Continuing professional development (CPD) and workplace training give employers the opportunity to think long-term about how their organisations will respond to future challenges.

Let’s give an example. Let’s say you work at a printing company. A new piece of software has been developed that allows workers to adjust design parameters in real time. Most of the company’s workers, however, do not have the skills to use this software.

In this instance, to deal with this skill’s gap, an employer would hire a trainer to train the workers in how to use this new software. With this, not only is the employer creating a higher skilled workforce, but they are also giving their people insight into the printer’s processes, allowing the employees to think critically about their work and contribute more to the business.

Or let’s take another situation. Say you’re a team leader at an insurance company. Your boss is eyeing you for a management role. You have some management experience but may not be completely equipped to manage an entire department. Your boss could enrol you in a management training program with a training provider like a local college to help you. In such a program, you’d attain vital skills and knowledge like project management, research tactics, innovation theory, risk management and global business theory.

The result is a more skilled, versatile and capable employee that can do more for their business.

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